Our policy of quality is focused to entirely satisfy the requisition of customers, therefore this comprises but is not limited to:

-proving exigency and seriosity in selection of personnel.

-diversify the categories of selected crew in order to cover all customers goals/needs, exigencies.

-supply qualified, skilful and disciplined crew, dully trained and in very good health condition, able to operate safely and professionally all kind of vessels.

-analyzing carefully the appraisals get on board of vessels by crew and using this mean as a selection criteria.

-promoting the loyalty of the seafarers toward the customers, by re-employing them on board of same vessels were they are familiar and desired.

-cutting the customer’s costs as regarding transportation, medicals, etc, to minimum necessary and saving important founds.


Our aim is to educate all personnel to comply with all regulations local and international as regarding avoiding, preventing and fight against all kind of pollution, whichever can be in order to maintain a clean seas and generally a clean environment.

To achieve such goal we specially train and oblige our personnel to pass adequate courses and meetings on specific aspect of pollution avoidance.