FLAIR GRUP MANAGEMENT is the holder of a database containing over 15000 persons involved in the shipping including the necessary personnel and is able to provide full (and/or partial) crew for all type of vessels. All ranks on board of the various type of seagoing vessels may be provided by us from Captain up to the last position on the crew list, or optionally only partial crew, on every kind of ship: passengers, oil tankers, chemical tankers LPG, bulkers, containers, roll on roll off carriers, general cargo carriers, tugs, research, servitude, supply vessels, internal traffic (coastal) ships, river end/or seagoing vessels, for which we may cover all necessary positions/ranks on board.

All Seafarers are trained by “CERONAV” (The Romanian Maritime Training Center), which develops all training, specialization and upgrading programs, as STCW 1978-1995 Convention and its Amendments require. All seafarers are holders of Certificates of Competency, Attestations and Training fully compatible with highest requests.


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